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20 in 1 Survival Multi Tool

Regular price $16.03 USD Sale price $12.00 USD

The Most Useful & Durable Multi Tool You'll Ever Own  

The ultimate in multi-purpose tool design this 20 In 1 Multi-tool amazingly, does exactly what it says. 20 different tool settings are available on this compact, easily attachable tool. From bottle opener to wire cutter you will be hard pressed to find a problem this tool can't fix. Made from stainless steel and coated in black titanium, with a stainless steel disc rotating on sprung ball bearings each tool setting can be found by turning the disc and locking the tool into position.

  • Quick Release Clip, Bottle Opener, Nail Cleaner, Large Flat Screwdriver, Medium Flat Screwdriver, Small Flat Eyeglass Screwdriver, Medium Phillips Screwdriver

  • Small Phillips Screwdriver, 14mm Spanner/Wrench, 12mm Spanner/Wrench, 10mm Spanner/Wrench, 8mm Spanner/Wrench, 6mm Spanner/Wrench, Bicycle Spoke Wrench, Razor Sharp Cutting Blade, Wire Stripper, Measuring Ruler, Box Opener, Pry Bar

  • Included in box: tool kit

  • Material: silver disc, black stainless steel body, K5 carbon steel blade

  • Size: L 3.26 " X 1" W  X D 3/8" mm

 It features stainless steel construction and has a titanium nitride coating for long-lasting durability. Use at Home, in the Garden or Wilderness,or hiking, camping when you need tool. Its great for outdoor work as well. If you prefer it can be worn on a backpacking.
EDC had good hand Spike defense tools and easy to carry for daily use.
Mini high quality multi tool that that super useful & fun to use.

This EDC Tool includes a unique blade designed to safely cut & score plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the tool is closed.

Size: 85mm*25mm. (L*W) 
Material: 420 stainless steel+ black titanium paint + K5 steel blades
Features: wrench, Flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, nail puller, wire strippers, cleaning knife manicure nails rub knife, sharp cutting knives, measuring tools, bicycle spokes wrench, bottle opener, serrated cutter and elastic function key ring buckle