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Levitation Globe Desk Lamp

Regular price $65.98 USD Sale price $32.99 USD

Levitation  Globe Desk Lamp

Illuminate your room with this stylish and unique levitating globe desk lamp. The lamp is made with high quality LED lights that illuminates brightly and without fail. This table piece goes well stylistically with any postmodern or contemporary themed room or living area. Grab a book and bask in the serene light of this stylish desk lamp.

  • A UNIQUE DECORATIVE PIECE: Are you looking for a unique decorative piece for a side table in your house or your office desktop? The black C-shaped lighted stand and the floating world map globe make for a cool conversation piece that will add an elegant and futuristic touch to your interior décor. The floating globe even has a flattering LED light that will create a beautiful illuminated atmosphere, and you can make it rotate smoothly with a little spin!

  • IT’S NOT MAGIC, IT’S SCIENCE: Do you want to get the anti-gravity floating globe to levitate and float? The beautiful C-shaped levitation globe is operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system. A powerful electro magnet and a technologically advanced magnetic field sensor keep the spherical world map in midair, creating a magical spectacle! When the globe map is rotating and spinning, the spectacle is even cooler! Activate the magnet powered floating globe and see for yourself!

  • KIDS LOVE IT AS MUCH AS ADULTS: Apart from a splendid decorative piece, the LED floating globe is also a great way to educate your kids about geography. The floating map globe will intrigue your kid’s interest, so it will be easier for them to notice and learn the different names of countries and oceans. Plus, your kid will be fascinated by the science and physics behind the magnetic powers that levitate the LED floating globe.Who knew that a décor piece could be so educational?

  • THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR ALL AGES AND OCCASIONS: If you’re looking for the perfect birthday, Christmas or graduation present … we have you covered! This globe is great for men, women, boys and girls. Great graduation gift for students: preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, senior class of 2018, college or university, bachelor, master’s doctorate degree, PHD MBA, under grads, or graduate school. Military: boot camp, basic training, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard

  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: We have used the best quality materials and the latest technologies to make sure that this magnetic floating globe will function properly and last a lifetime. In the unlikely case that you’re not completely satisfied with the unique C-shaped design, the bright LED light, the elegant dark blue color and the globe world map of the magnetic floating globe gadget, we will give you your money back –no questions asked.


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